Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year ^_^

Czemsa HK would like to wish Mei Yee, Winnie, Sie Ong, Hui Shan, Wei Kan and all Chinese ethnics in the world~~


May this new year bring you good fortune, good luck and prosperity !!!

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Committee of Malaysian Night 2009

*this list is not final

*the first organizing committee meeting will be held after winter holidays and if you don't want to keep your post, just tell us during the meeting; complaining and ranting about it will only worsen the situation.

Project Directors

  • Hariz Iskandar bin Hassan
  • Madihah binti Mohamad
  • Aminuddin Baki bin Amran


  • Masrina binti Mhmad Tahar

Master/Mistress of Ceremony

· Chiew Hui Shan

Account and Finance

  • Treasurer: Ng Mei Yee
  • Fund managers: Ng Mei Yee and Saraniyaa

Multimedia and Graphic

  • Winnie Oung Ker Chien
  • Shiham bin Mohamad Fouzi


  • Wan Fadhilah binti Wan Ibrahim

Publicity and Ticketing

  • Madihah binti Mohamad
  • Fadzlin binti Mohd Adzlan

Logistics and Transport

  • Azizul bin Salehudin


  • Dikir Barat: Mohd. Khairi bin Ghazali
  • Band: Aminuddin Baki bin Amran
  • Dance: Jaymathi Dhanapal
  • Musical: Nadiah Sufian
  • Games: Chiew Hui Shan

Prizes and Door Gifts

· Masrina Binti Mhmad Tahar

· Afifah Binti Othman

Online Committee

  • Director: Madihah binti Mohamad
  • Assistant Director: Ting Sie Ong
  • Stage Manager: Fadhilah binti Mohd. Hanapiah
  • Reception: Fadzlin binti Mohd Adzlan
  • VIP service: Nabilah Hanis binti Shaari
  • Sound system: Rajeev bin Shamsuddin
  • Screen and Projection: Muhammad Firdaus bin Mohd. Nazam
  • Lighting: Muhammad Aizat bin Abrahim
  • Dinner buffet: Wan Fadhilah binti Wan Ibrahim
  • Performance: Aminuddin Baki bin Amran
  • Decoration: Zakiyah binti Karim and Nurliyana binti Dzulkarnain
  • Logistics and Transport: Azizul bin Salehuddin
  • Usherette(s): Mohd. Zharif bin Abd. Hamid
  • Cleaning: Rajeev bin Shamsuddin

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You Think You Have What It Takes?

Band/Singer - we are now looking for a vocalist, if you think you have a voice like Thom Yorke, Aretha Franklin or even if it sounds like Britney Spears, let us know and you'll be singing with our band. Better still, if you like going solo, you're most welcome to perform like a diva!

Dikir Barat - anyone can do dikir barat, girls and boys, so please sign up! Look for some Warwick Dikir Barat performance on youtube to have a taste of what it's going to be like!

Musical performance - Our own Broadway performance! If you possibly know how to make it as great as Miss Saigon or Phantom of the Opera, you're definitely born to perform!

Indian Dance - It's Bollywood, baby! If you know how to shake it, you've gotta show it! This isn't only for Indians, anyone can join!

Chinese Dance - Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, semantics, and syntactic structure that enable a dancer on stage to fully express his thoughts and feelings with ease and grace. If you think you have what it takes, please, sign up for this!

Malay Dance - It's full of colours, movements and emotions. I'm sure most of you already have some experience performing traditional Malay dance!

Free style - if you have anything on your mind that you can translate into a great performance on stage like sketches, stand-up comedy and others, let us know!!!

Please, sign up for any of these performances and if you think you can handle it, you can sign up for all the performances. You might be the one that we're looking for! :)))))


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