Friday, February 27, 2009

Mesra dan Makan CzeMSA HK

There will be Mesra dan makan czemsa hk tomorrow. details are as follows:

for boys:
Venue: Novy Hradec
Time: 11am - 2pm ---> games, 2pm-4pm --->makan2
Date: 28th Feb. 2009

For girls:
Venue 1: medium (10.45am-1.30pm) ---> games
venue 2: novy hradec (2pm-4pm) ----> makan2

marilah same2 memeriahkan mesra dan makan2 czemsa hk ni!!!
kte jumpe di sana ^_^

Malaysian Night Meeting

To all committee members of Malaysian Night, there will be a meeting tomorrow-right after the makan2 at novy hradec. So below are the details:

Venue: Awang's House (Tomkova)
Date: 28 Feb. 2009 (Saturday)
your cooperation is highly appreciated

If you have any complaints or suggestion, feel free to voice them up tomorrow, ok??

Dekuju a na shle ^_^


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