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Date: 2 May 2009
Time: 2.00 pm-7.00 pm
Salam a ahoj! First of all, dekujeme moc for replying our email… Here is a latest update about HOLKY DAY OUT.


2.00 pm- arrive at a lake and short briefing by the instructor.
2.30 pm-Kayaking (Canoeing) & Games
4.56 pm- Asr prayer (weeee~solat tepi sungai)
5.30 pm- ‘Makan-makan’ & gifts exchange.
7.00 pm- Finish~going home.

Makan2, kt akan buat potluck.. u can bring any kinds of food... (nak msk nasi lemak pn blh..hehe ). Makanan yg telah dicop: pudding, zmrzlina mak su, palačinky, tiramisu, krpok lekor…
Plg snang-sape nk bw air?hehhe

and lastly kt akan bwat "gift exchange". Min price=20 kc... huhu... max=unlimited.

Zohor- 12.59pm
Asar- 4.56pm


Holky Palachova
Bus 25- 1.22pm at Benesova Zastavka-à Stop at EuroCentre-1.32 pm

Holky Adalbertinum & Kwsn yg sewaktu dengannya.
Bus 11- 1.30 pm at Adalbertinum Zastavka-à Stop at EuroCentre-1.36 pm

Bus 17- 7.38 pm from EuroCentre Zastavka-à Arrive at Adalbertinum-7.44 pm (all of us)

Holky Palachova
Bus 27- 8.00 pm from Adalbertinum -à arrive at velkopopovicka-8.10 pm

Hope everyone can follow the bus schedule suggested because we have to be at that picnic place by 2pm. Mgr Jan Holubec, cg kayak (from physical education dept.) will wait for us there at 2pm. For your information, that place is quite far from Eurocentre Zastavka (about 15-20 minutes walking). so harap dpt kerjasama sumer org utk be on time. (Apa yang penting? KERJASAMA-Wonderpets)

If you have any enquiries or suggestions, do contact me:
okes...dekujeme moc!!....hope to see u there!!!.. get-together before kt exam..

Biro Kebajikan& Kerohanian
Czemsa HK 09'


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